Happiness in little bits

Written as part of the #DailyWritingChallenge #happiness

Happiness is light and bright, it feels frivolous and free.

It is different for us all but here I share some little bits that happiness is to me:

Happiness is a feeling that fills our heart with joy.

It makes us smile and laugh and play.

All it takes is a look around to find some happiness each day.

Happiness is a walk on the beach – whether hot or cold.

It is that moment of wrapping yourself as the first autumn breeze chills the air.

Happiness is watching those you love be at their most truest form of Self.

It is when my dog curls up on my lap and snores.

Happiness is when I’m working hard but it’s making a difference – bit by bit, step by step.

It is when I’m drinking a nice wine or G&T and giggling with my friends.

Happiness is when I look back on fond memories that make me smile, and sometimes they make me cry.

It is when I look forward to what might be, to what is yet to come.

Happiness is when the sun shines or when the rain drops on my skin.

It is the fall of quiet after a busy, noisy day.

Happiness is a cuddle, a squeeze, a warm embrace.

It is a kiss, a dance, a touch of romance when no one else is near.

Happiness is a moment alone and it’s when the family’s here.

It’s an exciting trip to a new or familiar place.

Happiness is so many things.

It’s different day and night.

Happiness is a feeling that fills our heart with joy.

It makes us smile and laugh and play.

So find yourself some happiness and feel the joy today.

Published by clairedutton

KS1 primary school teacher, lifelong learning enthusiast and part-time EdD student. Passionate about teacher agency and professional growth. Asker of questions, avoider of ironing, seeker of a work-life-study balance! Blogging to share, to learn and to grow. You can find me tweeting at @Claire_D_Teach

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