Hope – permission & acceptance

Written as part of the #dailywritingchallenge #hope

Hope reaches out for that glimmer of light at the end of a long tunnel. It sees the opportunity when it feels like we have failed. Hope, it feels, is sometimes the only thing we have to move forward with when times are hard.

In thinking more on the virtues that I value through the #DailyWritingChallenge, I have become more increasingly aware that these values only really exist in contention with their opposing value; they need their antonymous other to be compared to. There can be no light without darkness. Hope resides in difficult circumstances when, perhaps, the only other option is pessimism.

So, hope is a choice. It’s a choice we can choose to pursue – or, not.

Sometimes, hope is easier to choose than others. Sometimes, it is difficult and there are barriers to be overcome in reaching for it. These are the times when we might need help, a guiding friend of sorts. A friend who can light the flame and change the way we see the experiences before us.

Hope speaks of the future. It is anticipatory, yet to be. We are hopeful of an event, of a change in circumstance and we can imagine or dream how this might change the world in which we find ourselves.

Hope is fragile, it is not forever lasting. Hope can fade and become jaded or lost altogether. However, it can also be lifted, it can be found again, rediscovered. There is always hope.

Hope is permission. Permission to ‘get through’. Permission to be passive when we feel that we can’t take immediate action to change a particular circumstance. Hope is permission to feel somewhat helpless but not pessimistic. It is an acceptance of our unhappiness in the present but with an appreciation for time, and how it provides the space within which things can change.

I am hopeful right now, though I feel quite helpless. I am hopeful though I feel there is so much out of my control. I hope that you feel hopeful too.

This week is mental health awareness week. The theme is kindness. Be kind to others and offer them hope. Be kind to yourself and remember, sometimes we need help to find the hope we might have lost. It’s okay not to be okay. If you need help, some of the contacts on the NHS website might be of use. With kindness & hope xxx.

Published by clairedutton

KS1 primary school teacher, lifelong learning enthusiast and part-time EdD student. Passionate about teacher agency and professional growth. Asker of questions, avoider of ironing, seeker of a work-life-study balance! Blogging to share, to learn and to grow. You can find me tweeting at @Claire_D_Teach

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